More from Dr. Jane

IMG_0547 “Healthcare is my expertise. I have been in the field for over 40 years! Great health is my priority. I have worked as a registered nurse in intensive care units and emergency wards and therefore have a great respect for conventional medicine.

As a naturopathic doctor, my strengths are in prevention of illness and the care of those with complex chronic medical conditions . The diagnosis or type of treatment is really secondary to the person with the symptoms. I treat the person, not the disease.

I am interested in a safe effective approach that is cost effective and at the same time respects the values of the and physiology of the patient. Naturopathic  doctors are always looking for the best medicine Рnot necessarily an alternative to the standard of the day. In some cases the best choice is an antibiotic or narcotic pain reliever. My choices for treatment include acupuncture, dietary advice, or a referral to another practitioner.

I am a member in good standing with the Canadian Naturopathic Association, the BC College of Naturopathic Physicians, and BC Naturopathic Association. Recently I accepted a position on the BC Naturopathic Association Board of Directors. I am certified to practice acupuncture and have passed examination to prescribe pharmaceutical medication. I continue to update my knowledge and skills with training and research.

My education includes:

  • University of Victoria, Victoria, BC
  • St. Joseph’s School of Nursing, Victoria, BC
  • Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Portland, Oregon
  • National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, Oregon

I have also been licensed to practice as a registered nurse  in the state of Florida, Oregon, and the province of BC.

Currently I work and co-own the Fairfield Health and Wellness Clinic with my husband Juan Rohon. We have been in business in Victoria at this location since 1986. We reside in my home town of Victoria with our four boys.¬† I look forward to the opportunity to solve your healthcare needs.”

– Dr. Jane Rohon O’Halloran, ND